PD to Practice System

The PD to Practice System is designed to work with our professional development library to ensure that teachers apply what they learn in our online courses to their classroom instruction, improving student learning and growing better teachers.

Online Professional Development. Anywhere. Anytime.

Finally, a system that solves the PD problem.

PD to Practice (PD2P) ensures your teachers’ PD has a meaningful impact in the classroom. PD2P guarantees the effectiveness of PD by focusing 100% on collaboration and application. Finally, PD with a return on investment!

94% Overall PD Effectiveness

Effective PD improves teaching strategies in the classroom. Most PD influences instruction only 30% of the time. On a PD2P campus, teachers report 94% implementation in their classrooms.

Pillars of the PD2P Process

Application Focused

PD2P emphasizes learning through the application of PD.


PD2P requires teachers to start with the end in mind – guiding them through, planning, and assessing student outcomes.

Growth Mindset Culture

PD2P nurtures a culture of continuous learning and growth among teachers.


PD2P guides teachers to collaborate with their peers to connect any PD content to their specific classroom environment and plan for implementation.

Beyond PD

PD2P moves beyond PD by providing a system to ensure teachers learn, collaborate, plan, apply, reflect, share outcomes, and grow together as a team.

How PD2P Works

1. Learn

Teachers begin with a professional learning experience of your choice. PD2P works with any professional learning your teachers take – whether it’s in-house, from your ESC, or from the Responsive Learning online library.

2. Collaborate & Plan

Next, teachers collaborate to deepen their learning. They discuss what they learned in their professional development, commit to applying a specific instructional strategy for a period of time, and identify expected outcomes and how they will quantitatively measure these outcomes.

3. Apply Strategies

Afterward, your teachers apply their chosen strategy. They collect outcome data and demonstrate improved practice through observation or video.

4. Coaching and Support

Teachers will receive constructive feedback on the application of the strategy they chose to apply.

5. Reflect

Teachers will meet again to reflect, share, and grow. They also use this time to discuss what they can do to improve their outcomes.

PD2P is your solution to ensure PD implementation in the classroom by providing a system that guarantees teacher collaboration, application, connection, and continuous growth.